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Winter Hair Care: Good Hair Day on CW33 “Morning After”

Saturday January 22, 2022, 11:55 am

DALLAS (KDAF) CW33 — The owner of the Good Hair Day Salon, LaTarah Edmond, joined Morning After to discuss how the cold weather affects your hair and how to protect it during the winter months.

Edmond says the cold weather can strip your hair of moisture, create a dry/itchy scalp, tangles, breakage and more.

So, she suggests the following to protect your hair in the colder months: minimize shampoos, deep condition with hair masks, scalp treatments, stay hydrated, be sure to get enough Vitamin C and Omega 2, use humidifiers instead of space heaters, wear hats or satin silk-lined scarves, minimize heat styling and more.

Certain styles can also protect your hair in the cold like braids, crochet, extensions, or twisted updos, Edmond said.

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