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Inspiring Champions

Wednesday August 22, 2018, 2:07 pm

I spent

3 days at the Inspiring Champions Cash Flow Camp – Taking Your Business to the Top for salon owners! The BEST decision ever! If you are a salon owner or thinking about opening a salon, I highly recommend this camp! I learned sooo much in the past three days! After these classes, I am not sure how I have even kept my business alive the last 6 years. Well… I do… it was by the grace of God! Most of us are operating in complete business ignorance or we are being led by the blind (people who claim to be experts and are not) … and we don’t even know it! Time to level up…know and analyze your numbers (profit and loss reports)… implement operations and systems that can be measured… metrics baby! I can not wait to execute what I have learned so I can elevate and take my business to the next level! So glad I went to Premiere Orlando this year and took the Inspiring Champions class to learn about this camp! Up next…. Champ Camp, Front Desk Top Gun and Coaching!