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HAIR TIPS: Winterize your Scalp and hair

Saturday January 22, 2022, 12:08 pm

Cold weather can wreak havoc on your scalp and hair! The lack of moisture in the air coupled with winds can leave the hair tangled, dry, brittle and frizzy.But the good news is you can take steps to minimize damage:
1. Add a deep conditioning treatment to your regiment. Use products designed to hydrate and moisturize!
2. Minimize shampoos to once a week and use lukewarm water.Hot water strips necessary oils needed.
3. Cut heat styling down to twice a week and use a heat protectant. Keep hot tools temperatures below 375 degrees.
4. Stay hydrated and take Vitamins C and Omega 3 supplements.
5. Wear protective styles such as crochet, wigs, braids, weaves or up dos.
6. Shield your hair with satin lined hats and scarves.
7. Swap out the space heater for a humidifier. Space heaters can dry and fry your hair.
8. Keep your ends trimmed! The dry hair can cause your ends to split.
9. Detox, exfoliate and alleviate dry and itchy scalps with a scalp treatment
10. Use essential oils on the hair and scalp to minimize drying.