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CBS 11 Interview – Studies show a link to chemical relaxers and cancer

Tuesday November 15, 2022, 3:46 pm

CBS 11 Interview: Click the link below:

Television interview with CBS 11 on the pressures of black women to straighten their hair after studies show a link to chemical relaxers and cancer.

Transparency moment – When I was 24 years old I had carcinoma cancer in my parotid gland. I had to have surgery and radiation treatment. By far one of the most scariest times in my life. Breast cancer runs in my family and has effected several of my aunts and cousins. Cancer is a sensitive subject for me. And although 90% of my clients are natural, I have worn my hair relaxed since I was in junior high school. It’s easier for me and my lifestyle. So personally and professionally… I can’t definitively say that chemicals such as relaxers or color cause cancer. You have to consider genetics, environmental factors, food, medicine, household items and so much more that we have consumed, absorbed or been exposed to that could cause cancer. There are women who never have had chemicals on their hair and have gotten cancer.

At the end of the day, you have the right to wear your hair how you choose. Do what you feel is best for your health and lifestyle. And don’t judge others for their choice.
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