Meet Our Stylists

Krystal Hubbard

{Hair Stylist} I have been fascinated with hair and hairstyling for as long as I can remember. When I would get my hair combed as a child I would pay very close attention to what was being done because I wanted to show my mom that I knew what to do! As a treat for good behavior during the school week, my mom would let me style my own hair on the weekends! Once I mastered styling my own hair I began to practice on my little sister, family members, friends and even co-workers! In 2009, I was finally able to attend beauty school to begin my career as a professional! In addition to traditional salon services, I have years of experience in hair restoration for clients suffering from hair thinning, loss and baldness. I like to use my creativity, my background in hair restoration and my personal experience with genetic hair loss to work with these clients. I truly enjoy being able to use the gifts God has blessed me with to make my clients look and feel beautiful!

Education: Regency Beauty School, Arlington, Texas